The Stimpod NMS 450X

Quantitative NMT Monitoring

  • One-Touch NMT Monitoring
  • Electrode Placement Verification
  • Quick Setup & No Calibration
  • Handheld
  • Data Connectivity
  • Reusable Sensor
  • Standard ECG Electrode Compatible
  • Quantitative NMT Monitoring reduces incidence of residual paralysis, increases operating room throughput and lowers cost
  • 23 years of AMG research proves it identifies residual paralysis in 97% of patients
  • Pioneers of quantitative monitoring technology since 1998
  • Trusted by anaesthesiologists in over 40 countries

Instructional Video Series

Learn how the Stimpod NMS450 is used in the operating theatre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why monitor NMBAs?

  • Even moderate Post Operative Residual Curarization (PORC) decreases chemoreceptor sensitivity to hypoxia.
  • PORC is associated with impairment of muscles of the upper pharynx and upper oesophagus leading to regurgitation and aspiration.
  • Reduced upper airway volume or partial airway collapse
  • Significant risk factor for the development of pulmonary complications – increased morbidity and mortality
  • Research shows that almost half of anaesthesia-related deaths are directly or indirectly attributable to PORC.

What is attributed to cause the fading observed during TOF or DB?

  • The reason for this is attributed to the binding of non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents to presynaptic acetylcholine receptors, resulting in inhibition of the recruitment of Ach from the reserve pool.

What makes Sugammadex more effective than other reversal agents?

  • A minimum of spontaneous recovery does not need to be present before Sugammadex can be administered. Even the deepest neuromuscular blockade can be reversed rapidly within one to two minutes.
  • Fewer autonomic side effects are anticipated with Sugammadex.

The Stimpod NMS450X continually shows a reading of 100% even though the NMBA was injected – Why?

  • It could be because a depolarizing NMBA was injected.

The device showed that the patient was fully recovered, suddenly the TOF ratio dropped again – Why?

  • It could be that the core body temperature of the patient dropped again after recovery was observed.
  • In order to prevent PORC patients should only be assessed for residual NMBA once core has reached a temperature of greater than 36 °C.

Heier T, Caldwell J E, Impact of Hypothermia on the Response to Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs, Anesthesiology 2006; 104:1070-80

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