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Perform peripheral nerve blocks

The STIMPOD NMS410 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is designed for precision nerve location in regional anaesthesia. The unique Nerve Mapping Probe allows transcutaneous mapping of nerves prior to needle nerve location, improving the accuracy of nerve blocks at a fraction of the time.


Monitor residual curization

he STIMPOD NMS450 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is designed to provide dual functionality with both precision nerve location and Neuromuscular Blocking Agent monitoring. The NMS450 has a unique three-dimensional accelerometer to accurately and continuously provide TOF, DB and PTC ratio's during the entire procedure.


Treat chronic pain

The STIMPOD NMS460 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is a neuromodulation device used for symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain. The NMS460 implements a unique patented Pulsed Radio Frequency waveform for the treatment of neuropathies.